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Quality Asphalt Shingles in London, Ontario That You Can Trust

All the components of a quality roofing system work together to maximize your roof’s performance and durability. When it’s done right, a roofing system seals out rain, snow, heat and cold while it protects your home from mould and water damage and saves energy.Weather-proof, energy-efficient and esthetically pleasing, a traditional shingle roof is actually a multi-layered system of protection for your entire home.

Premium Roofing Products

asphalt-roof To suit your taste and your budget, Murray Shaw Roofing represents only the top brand names in roofing materials, offering a complete selection of shingle styles, including asphalt shingles, across London, Ontario. Our installers are factory-certified to install any of our premium roofing systems in full compliance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements: Depending on the type of roof on your home, the components of the roofing system will include:

Roof deck – Ensure that the roof deck is dry and free from mould before adding your new roofing system.

Underlayment – Cover 100% of your roof in premium underlayment to protect your roof deck from moisture.

Ice & water shield – Add a full measure of protection to the most stressed areas of your roof.

Starter strips – Brand and style to match your shingles in quality and appearance.   

Shingles – Traditional asphalt shingles from top manufacturers are just one part of a roofing system. We guarantee that the matching hip and ridge shingles are used to ensure a perfect match while maintaining the integrity of the entire roof.

Roof vents – The number and type are calculated for optimum flow through your attic.

Valleys – Premium valley flashing seals seams and quickly moves ice and water off the roof.

Flashing – To create a seamless look, match the flashing to the colour of your shingles.

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