Soffits are the flat, ventilated panels that line the eaves while fascia is the L-shaped trim surrounding and securing the soffit. Together with the eavestroughs and downspouts, these two features of your roofline protect your home from moisture and pests. Esthetics is a priority as soffits and fascia will be seen, especially if you have a steep roof with prominent gable ends. Soffits also plays an important role in regulating the temperature of the attic. Soffit vents allow fresh air to enter the attic, circulate and remove the excess moisture and heat.

When soffits and fascia are done right, they will:

  • Protect the structure of your home from wood rot
  • Keep pests out of your attic
  • Improve ventilation under your home’s eaves
  • Last for decades

Murray Shaw Roofing, London, Ontario soffits and fascia experts cut and bend the soffits and fascia on-site to ensure proper measurement and fit. By using longer lengths, we can minimize the number of joints. Our installers allow for the contraction and expansion of the products because of the extreme weather in southwestern Ontario.

Soffits and Fascia London Ontario