Sun Tunnel Skylights® by VELUX® are an innovative way to bring sunlight into your home –even to areas where windows or traditional skylights won’t fit. They are long metal tubes that carry light from the roof, through the attic to the ceiling of your room. They capture sunlight on the roof, reflect the light as it travels down the tube and disperse it to brighten the interior of your home without adding heat to your home in the summer.

  • Flood a room with natural sunlight
  • Brighten window-less rooms and hallways
  • Reduce the need for electric lights
  • Won’t add heat to your home in the summer
Sun Tunnel In London Ontario
Sun Tunnel In London Ontario

Reduce energy costs with a VELUX sun tunnel

We’re certified with VELUX®, the market leader in the manufacturing of skylights, sun tunnels, and roof windows. VELUX offers a variety of sun tunnels designed to fit roofs with various slopes.The benefits of a VELUX sun tunnelinstalled by Murray Shaw are many. VELUX sun tunnels come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer’s defect, rust corrosion and deterioration.