Skylights brighten your home with natural light, creating comfortable living and working environments and saving money on artificial lighting. Turn your attic into a loft by adding a skylight, or expand your living space beyond your walls with a step-out balcony roof window. Ventilated skylights will also allow you to enjoy fresh air indoors.
Aside from sun tunnels and roof windows, there are three main styles of skylights:

  • Fixed skylight
  • Fixed skylight with ventilation flap
  • Ventilating skylight

Before you have your roof re-done, skylights are an important consideration. Adding skylights before laying shingles will save you time and money.

Skylight Installation London Ontario
Skylight Installation London Ontario

VELUX certified

We’re certified with VELUX, the market leader in the manufacturing of skylights, sun tunnels, and roof windows. Our installers train at the VELUX facility in Oakville each year to maintain our certification and stay current on new products and techniques.

VELUX quality

With over 300 patents to their credit, the unmatched VELUX selection of roof windows, skylights and accessories continues to set the standard. VELUX skylights offer three layers of proven water protection:

  • Seals the frame of the skylight to the roof deck
  • Improved adhesive underlayment
  • Best-in-class flashing
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VELUX accessories

Flashings and curbs

VELUX flashings are available in aluminum or copper to co-ordinate with the roof window or skylight’s exterior cladding. Selection of the proper flashing or roof curb ensures security against weather extremes.


For additional control of light levels, temperature and privacy, VELUX offers pleated shades, roller shades, venetian blinds and manual and electronic controls that can be installed at any height to allow easy operation of sunscreening accessories.

Glazing options

Because of their energy efficiency and ability to capture interior natural light and ventilation, VELUX roof windows and skylights can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. Different glazing options provide clear views and maximum light; heat reflection for indoor comfort and laminated inner pane for safety and security.

Solar control window film

Designed for maximum comfort, these efficient and economical window treatments provide increased privacy and fade protection. All the films in the Sterling Collection offer:

  • Superior heat rejection – up to 73%
  • Lower air conditioning costs
  • Reduced ultra-violet fading of interior furnishings
  • Increased privacy from the outside
  • Retention of inside heat during winter
  • Scratch resistance
  • Professional installation
  • Factory-backed warranty