Our experienced evaluators inspect and report to you at least three times on every roofing job as part of our VIP Service. These inspections by senior staff members help us maintain our high quality on every job and our reputation as a prestige roofing company in London, Ontario.

Inspections In London Ontario
Inspections In London Ontario

Initial inspections

Before quoting on a roof or a home improvement project, our evaluator will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of:

  • Your rooftop, including fixtures, skylights and chimneys
  • Your roofline, including soffits and fascia, eavestroughs and downspouts
  • Your attic, including insulation, soffit ventilation and exhaust fans

During this detailed inspection, our evaluator will walk on your roof and sometimes check inside your attic.

We’ll make note of any concerns and help you prioritize your repairs. Some home improvements should be completed before we replace your roof. For example, we partner with several qualified chimney repair companies, and we can arrange for them to complete their work before we begin.

Our inspector will also note any landscaping or other features of your home that will need extra care such as a stamped concrete driveway or a swimming pool. We will ensure that our work does not damage any of your property, including your lawn, gardens and driveway.

Inspections In London Ontario

Site visits

While the work is being done, one of our roofing experts will stop in to answer any questions you may have and to ensure that the work is being done to Murray Shaw’s exacting quality standards.

Site audits are also part of our certification procedures. From time to time, representatives from the manufacturers will stop by a jobsite to ensure that we are installing their products correctly.

Inspections In London Ontario

Final inspection

After the project is complete, the same evaluator returns to your home to ensure that the work is done to Murray Shaw’s standard of quality, that all debris, materials and tools have been removed from the jobsite and that you are satisfied. Although our certified crews look over their work and the work site, it is good to have a second set of eyes,

Roof and attic inspections

If you’re not looking for a new roof, but you want a professional inspection of your roof or attic, expert evaluators from Murray Shaw will do that for a small fee. If you decide to have us work on your home, we’ll waive the cost of the inspection.

Inspections In London Ontario